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Winnetoon, Nebraska

Winnetoon High School, Winnetoon, Nebraska

Winnetoon's first school opened on January 13, 1902 with 24 pupils enrolled. The first teacher was Catherine Ryan. Due to increased enrolment, in 1914 a new building was finished. The teachers were Supt. Gordon Saunders, Ruth and Esther Kile, and Eva McGrath. Ernest Klopher was the first janitor. Other janitors were Lambert Jones and Art Schroeder. At this time Winnetoon was a 12 grade school. Some of the teachers were Mable Christensen, Martha Weaver, Mildred Walker, Margaret Walker, Helen Copeland, Eva Glimsdal, Gena Saunders, Prof. Prohaska and Rose Baver. Mr. And Mrs. E. D. Humann were superintendent and principal from 1931 - 1934.

Winnetoon High School held good attendance through the Depression years, but there was a high tax levy and the school did not offer a normal training course. Anyone wanting to teach, was forced to finish at another school. In 1942, school district No. 117 voted to discontinue the Winnetoon High School. Following its closing Winnetoon was very fortunate to employ a number of excellent grade teacher. Among them were Della Morlan, Eldora Hamilton, Lavon Neuhaus, Helen Saunders, Mrs. Robert Hamel, Irma Gabler, Carmen Frickenstein, Joyce Sherman, Jean Anderson, Mrs. Archie Van Kirk, and Mrs, Merle Thompson.

In 1963 Winnetoon was consolidated with the Creighton Public School. Classes to the 6th grade continued until the fall of 1967. At that time, all grades were bused to Creighton.